[Non-Exclusive Lease] 

Description: The beat(s) chosen are to be leased for non-exclusive lease; $50 each (for 5000 copies sold or per 100,000 streams). This fee is solely for use, and is separate from royalties. $50 allows you to license this beat to make a song of your choice and publicly display/sell for commercial use at your own discretion, while others can also contract to do the same. Every 5000 copies sold or per 100,000 streams, a new agreement for lease of beat(s) can be negotiated. 

Royalties: As the producer, Lee Mckinney for Woodnbird Entertainment LLC is entitled to 50% of money from publishing of the finished song. 

Vocals & Beat/Instrumental: The artist is entitled to do what they please with the vocals from the song with no obligation to the producer (remixes, acapellas, etc. ) The producer is entitled to use the beat/instrumental at their own discretion, including leasing it to other artists. Producer can use the beat for movies, video games, TV, shows, songs, etc.

Non-Exclusive Lease: This is a non-exclusive lease (to the person signing the contract) that lasts per 5000 copies sold or per 100,000 streams and can be renegotiated after every term. Multiple artists can lease this beat alongside your contract. 

Requirements: The producer credit must always be displayed in all written information regarding the song(s). It's each party's responsibility to notify one another of any contact information changes within 6 months.

Producer Credit: "Song" produced by DJ L33’Bird. "Song" is published through Woodnbird Entertainment LLC (BMI 2003549). 

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